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  1. Congratulations to your 2078 World Series Champs...

  2. 2079 Cincinnati Reds Trade Block

    2 years in a row and 2 early exits from the playoffs. I need to mix things up a bit. Main goals: Financial Flexibility, expand depth, and reallocate resources. Main MLB goals: #3 starting pitcher upgrade, a "true SS", an heir to President Skroob. Brock may turn into Sean Casey but I can't keep...
  3. 78 Reds

    Offer CA President Skroob 8 mil per for 2 years. 2b Russell Westbrook 11 mil per for 3 years.
  4. 78 Reds

    Offer Westbrook 10 mil per for 3 years.
  5. 2078 Postseason

    Cincinnati Exported. Cody Holte Welcome to the majors bring your glove!
  6. Current AEW Talk

    His wife on Twitter said it was a non Covid related lung issue and that they'd been working with the Mayo Clinic. Its sad, I may not have cared for the character of Brodie Lee but the man was an amazing talent.
  7. 2078 thread of rants and reflections

    Screw that. They'll always be the Florida Marlins to me. Yes I've had whiskey tonight.
  8. 2078 thread of rants and reflections

    Special Shout Out for Jessie Spano! As spot start she stepped up vs Division winning Pittsburgh 10/2! Cincinnati IP H R ER BB K HR PI PS ERA RECORD J. Spano W 6 3 2 2 5 3 0 85 40 1.80 1-0 Might be the main reason why I'm not playing Florida in a best of for the wild card!
  9. 2078 sim 12: Rosters due Thursday 12/24/20 at 10:00 PM ET *READ THIS THREAD*

    Reds Uploaded. Hopefully I can salvage a playoff run!
  10. 78 Reds

    Man Brock better be ready that's two pieces of the lineup and FA is trash. Offer SS Mazur 4 mil per for 2 years.
  11. 78 Reds

    Mazur can pound sand. Sign MR Carlson Offer: CA President Skroob 6.25 mil per for 1 year. 2b Russell Westbrook 8 mil per for 3 years.
  12. 78 Reds

    Please offer the following amounts: MR Wayne Carlson 1.65 mil per for 3 years. MR Paul Heyman 4 mil per for 3 years. CA President Skroob 5.432 mil per for 1 year. 2b Russell Westbrook 6 mil per for 3 years. SS Daniel Mazur 3 mil per for 2 years.
  13. 2078 sim 10: Rosters due Thursday 12/17/20 at 10:00 PM ET *READ THIS THREAD*

    Shouldn't this be Thursday the 17th?
  14. 2078 thread of rants and reflections

    Cincinnati is back, time to shake things up. I know I've missed the deadline for trading so I'm stuck with the team I've got!
  15. 2078 sim 6: Rosters due Thursday 11/26/20 at 10:00 PM ET *READ THIS THREAD*

    Just an updated, closing on a new home Dec 2, I hope to have my game computer up and running with internet by that next weekend. I'll try to get some changes in before the next sim on another means.
  16. 2078 Spring Training

    I'm not going to be able to use my computer for a while. I'm going to have to send in changes via phone, i pad. Which means coaches for Reds please and Thank You.
  17. 2078 Amateur Draft

    I'll probably regret passing on another guy but... Cincinnati selects CF Cody Holte. Main Reason I don't like no instinct guys. @jussSAYIN you're up.
  18. 2078 Free Agent Signings

    I hate being in a position where the only way to improve is give out another DMC type contract. Hopefully we can get to some more balance in the coming years. Making the draft picks even more important.
  19. 2078 Free Agency - Round 2: Days 7-12

    Reds Offer in.