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  1. 2078 White Sox Block

    Looking for a 3B, Salary not an issue if you got bad contracts you wanna dump... not looking to do a swing for fences move but more of an average mlb starter type move atm
  2. 2077 White Sox Extensions

    SP Kevin Durant 3.1 mil x 5 years SP Miguel Leal 1.3 mil x 4 years
  3. 2077 White Sox FIRESALE

    Anyone with talent available... probably will need a top end offer to trade the super young guys, but time to rebuild this correctly through the draft and farm system Highlights: 1B Cameron Poe MR Nathan Highland SP Kevin Durant C James Ford SP Pi-ta Kikunojo Prospects, Picks and/or Young...
  4. White Sox Extensions

    MR Lee Scott 900k x 3 3B Ryan Flickinger 1 Mil x 1
  5. 2076 White Sox Block

    Have a surplus of 1B prospects at all ability levels (Ranging from 3.0p to 5.0p), looking to move one for a similar player at another position, if you need a 1B prospect hit me up
  6. 2076 Cubs Block

    Willing to move one of my #3-5 starters in exchange for an bat of similar talent (or prospects/picks) Also if someone is willing to take on C Johnnie Walker I'd listen to offers as well For those who don't know me from baseballslant this is cjkalt, so got some reps in this game :)