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  1. 2078 White Sox Block

    if i can find a significant upgrade for the bullpen I'd be interested in that as well, looking for someone with multi-year control
  2. 2078 White Sox Block

    updated with new needs
  3. 2078 Amateur Draft

    On vacation, auto me top P spec left
  4. Pittsburgh - Chicago (A)

  5. 2078 White Sox Block

    still looking if anyone is interested
  6. MSL GMs and Open Teams

    If you need another GM I can do Mets
  7. 2078 White Sox Block

    Looking for a 3B, Salary not an issue if you got bad contracts you wanna dump... not looking to do a swing for fences move but more of an average mlb starter type move atm
  8. 2078 sim 1: Rosters due Tuesday 11/10/20 at 11:00 pm ET *READ THIS THREAD*

    nvm made it by 2 min haha thanks
  9. 2078 sim 1: Rosters due Tuesday 11/10/20 at 11:00 pm ET *READ THIS THREAD*

    About to upload... can you delay by 5 min for me?
  10. 2078 Spring Training

  11. 2078 Amateur Draft

    SS K9 Blue still available right? If so I’ll take him
  12. MSL GMs and Open Teams

    Yup I’m here
  13. 2078 thread of rants and reflections

    Sucks my guy gonna take a hit in 7 months :(
  14. 2077 to 2078 rollover *READ THIS THREAD*

    Will get to my cuts tonight
  15. 2077 White Sox Extensions

    At my dollar amount for 3 years, if demands are less than 1.3 mil x 2 can sign him to them if he says no to 3 years
  16. 2077 White Sox Extensions

    See if he’ll take 3 years first, if not sign him for 2
  17. 2077 White Sox Extensions

    SP Kevin Durant 3.1 mil x 5 years SP Miguel Leal 1.3 mil x 4 years
  18. 2077 sim 9: Trade Deadline & Roster due dates *READ THIS THREAD*

    Sad I never got any bites but yup we can move on
  19. 2077 thread of postulations and ponderings

    Cause contenders are pretty stable and don't wanna give up anything for assets that are marginal improvements... don't think it's you just the gap between the haves and have nots is very massive right now
  20. Houston looking to make a run

    White Sox have a couple bullpen arms as well