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  1. realmofotalk

    2079 Astros block I have one catcher too many, so I'm looking to offload him for an outfielder or SP/MR. Free to a new home: Ratings are still intact from the end of last season.
  2. realmofotalk

    BOS / HOU

    Boston gets: MR Geno Smith $9,000,000 4.0 overall MR David Ryan $5,000,000 3.0 overall Total salary: $14,000,000 Houston gets: Boston's 2079 2nd round pick Boston's 2079 3rd round pick Minor league scrub to be named by @ucfinfan86
  3. realmofotalk

    2078 Houston trade block

    Like the Rangers, the Astros have fallen out of the race in the AL West, so I'll sell off some of the players that won't be around in our next window to compete. Hitters:
  4. realmofotalk

    Dodgers trade block A catcher who fills in as a middle-of-the-order bat and best of all only makes $300k as a pre-arb player, as he was an imported free agent that I signed to a 1-year deal last year. So if you missed out on him because he didn't like your organization...
  5. realmofotalk

    Houston extensions

    Offer SP Dirk Nowitzki $8,000,000 per year, for 4 years. Then, $9M x 4, and then $10M x 5. Stop if he gets impatient. Offer CL Geno Smith $9,000,000 per year, for 2 years. Then, $10M x 2.
  6. realmofotalk

    HOU / KC

    Houston trades SP Shlo Mo - 4.0p - MLC SP Bill Watts - 3.5p - MLC Kansas City trades CL David Ryan - 3.0 - $ 5,000,000 Total Salary: $ 5,000,000 @Cameron to confirm With a 3-headed monster in the late innings, Houston can feel like they only need to play 6-inning games, folks! #MLBnarratives
  7. realmofotalk

    HOU / COL

    Houston trades MR Richard Chea - 5.0p - MLC 2078 2nd round pick Colorado trades CL Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan - 4.5 - $ 7,300,000 Total Salary: $ 7,300,000 @cbenoit108 to confirm
  8. realmofotalk

    Houston looking to make a run

    The bullpen aside from Geno and Ritchie is a dumpster fire, so it can use all the RP help it can get. Also could a big bat to anchor the lineup, as most of the homegrown guys have hit their ceiling, like James Loney and his warning track power. But I don't want to deplete the farm of its top...
  9. realmofotalk

    Los Angeles (N) extensions

    Sign MR Charlie Lawley to his demands of $2,780,000 per year, for 2 years. Sign MR Shawn Spears to his demands of $560,000 per year, for 2 years. Have to pay the Jack Gable tax for Local Popularity.
  10. realmofotalk

    Astros block

    So...this team has too many First Basemen...even for me, as I think it was Leo or Provie liked to recall from our years in TSSL. Just a guy to round out the lineup at this point, but he needs to go to free up playing time for others...
  11. realmofotalk

    LAD - LAA

    Los Angeles Angels send: OF-J.Dirt 1.0 $2,500,000 OF-Urbina 4.0p mlc Total: $2,500,000 Los Angeles Dodgers send: SP-C.Dalton 1.0 $613,500 Total: $613,500 This trade was posted by Leo before the rollback. Madsheep can re-confirm if need be. Only difference are our teams and that Dalton's...
  12. realmofotalk

    Dodgers block Still hit .300/.400/.500. Will be cheap if you can take on the entire $15M per for 2 years. A shortstop that hits .300/.375./.500. Signed to a more reasonable $4M per for 2 years. Looking for a solid...
  13. realmofotalk

    GM Realmofotalk taking Houston's talents to Long Beach

    ( "The Ocho") - Astros Nation was left stunned as Houston Astros General Manager Realmofotalk tendered his resignation to the Astros' Chairman of the Executive Jim Crane Jr. and President of Baseball Operations Anthony Rendon over dinner yesterday night. Sources close to the team told...