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  1. 2079 Cincinnati Reds Trade Block

    2 years in a row and 2 early exits from the playoffs. I need to mix things up a bit. Main goals: Financial Flexibility, expand depth, and reallocate resources. Main MLB goals: #3 starting pitcher upgrade, a "true SS", an heir to President Skroob. Brock may turn into Sean Casey but I can't keep...
  2. 78 Reds

    Please offer the following amounts: MR Wayne Carlson 1.65 mil per for 3 years. MR Paul Heyman 4 mil per for 3 years. CA President Skroob 5.432 mil per for 1 year. 2b Russell Westbrook 6 mil per for 3 years. SS Daniel Mazur 3 mil per for 2 years.
  3. CIN/MIA Trade

    Cincinnati Trades: SP George Moran 2.5 overall 567k Salary Subtotal: 567k. Miami Trades: SP Frankie Merman 3.5 prospect MLC
  4. Cin/Det Trade

    Cincinnati Trades: RF Shohei Otani 2.5 star $2 million Salary Subtotal: $2 million Detroit Trades: SP Roy Benavidez 3.5 prospect MLC. Otani has served his purpose and I want to get Garbrandt some MLB time. Also these trades open up some chance at promoting 2nd round pick Bobo to AAA.
  5. 2077 Cincinnati Reds Extensions

    Offer the following player: MR Aaron Thrailkill 1,000,000 per for 2 years. If rejected then just give him what he wants. The rest say its too early and I like the idea of my setup guy being about 1 million a year.
  6. 2077 Cincinnati Reds

    Got a few guys that I'm going to shop and see what I can get. MLB: 2b/ss Russell Westbrook I'm just seeing what the offers are for him, I would be looking for a more well rounded SS than him or Tim Schuler platoon is. 2b/3b Willie Nottingham 2b/ss Timothy Schuler Outfield: SP/OF Shohei Otani...
  7. 2076 Reds Trade Block

    I got my computer with the game back, I know deadlines close. Main Needs: Platoon RHP killer 1b. Big Ticket: 2b DeMarcus Cousins just in case someone knocks me off my feet. Nothing is 100% off the table except Bulger and Shinji. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Reds Extensions

    SP James Bond 6 mil per for 3 years. 2b DeMarcus Cousins see if he gives any demands at all his positions please. 2b Russell Westbrook 6 mil per for 4 years.