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    2020 NFL Season, Week 5: Starting QB Kyle Allen, Head Coach Romeo Crennel, The NFL's On Fire since COVIDs been turning

    Thursday, Oct. 8 Buccaneers at Bears FOX NFLN — Alex Kemp Sunday, Oct. 11 Panthers at Falcons — Brad Allen Bills at Titans — Brad Rogers Raiders at Chiefs — Clete Blakeman...
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    BJ Extensions

    All players to demands
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    Voting: 2020 GM of the Year

    Welcome to the Final Voting period. GMs will give their top three (in order) for GM of the Year. A first place vote for GM of the Year is worth three points, a second place vote for GM of the Year is worth two points, and a third place vote for GM of the Year is worth one point. You cannot...
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    Voting: Best Overall Team Now

    This award is for the GM who has built a team with the goal being to win a Super Bowl in the very near future. This team has top tier players starting with fantastic depth to cover injuries.
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    Voting: Most Improved

    This award is for the GM who took their team and made it far better than before. They may not be ready to run through the playoffs, and they may not be set up long term with youth, but the roster is definitely better than before.
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    Voting: Team on the Rise/of the Future

    This award is for the GM who has built a team with an eye towards the future. They may not be ready to compete right away but they have built a solid youthful foundation to contend for many years very soon.
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    Voting: Best In Trades

    This award is for the GM who generally won most of their trades and bettered their team.
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    Voting: Best Offense

    This award is for the GM who cobbled together the best talent and depth for their offensive unit.
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    Voting: Best Defense

    This award is for the GM who cobbled together the best talent and depth for their defensive unit.
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    Voting: Best In Free Agency

    This award is for the GM who generally did the best in signing F.A.s to help their team. Not necessarily the wildest spenders who just threw money at everyone, but also shrewd under the radar signings that have a huge impact. UDFAs signed fall under this category. ARIZONA CARDINALS WR Robby...
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    Voting: Best In Draft

    This award is for the GM who made the best picks in the draft between getting top talent, top value, and filling needs. ATLANTA FALCONS 4.108 OT Ben Bartch, St John's 4.123 WR KJ Hill, Ohio State 4.129 CB Javaris Davis, Auburn 5.159 OG Shane Lemieux, Oregon 5.178 QB Anthony Gordon, Washington...
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    Undrafted Free Agents may be signed to either the 53-Man Roster or a teams 10-Man Practice Squad. Practice squad players do not count to your roster space Practice squad players count toward cap space *If signing UDFA to 53-Man roster, please make any necessary cuts. Minimum bid for Practice...
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    2020 Final Roster Submission Thread

    Please post your final rosters in this thread. 1. Your roster must be at 53 to submit a final roster 2. Your submission must include your complete 53 man roster and a depth chart. 3. Write ups are optional but fun. 4. This thread will open at Noon on 4/20; and closes at 4/23 at 7:59PM (right...
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    Stadium Rejects: GML Food debates

    The ongoing debate of how Wendy's fries are lower tier. The thrilist listed their top 18 1. Arby's Curly Fries 2. McDonald's Fries 3. Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries 4. Taco Bell Nacho Fries/Fries Supreme 5. Checker's/Rally's...
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    2020 "Mach" Draft Contest

    Enter picks for each team in the First Round. Scoring is: Correctly place a player in the round: 1 point Correctly match a player with a team: 2 points Correctly place a player at a spot: 2 points Correctly predict a trade: 5 points Points stack, so max 5 points. If...
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    2020 NFL DRAFT GAME Welcome to the GML's real NFL mock draft game. The format will be similar to the GML draft as we will do a live draft to best predict the draft selections made by our teams. This is an opportunity for you to prove your Mock Draft prowess and intimate knowledge of your teams...
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    Mock Draft Game

    I'm bored at work at the moment but thought about putting together a mock draft game that I can start as in the next couple days or so. This will all depend on how many want to do it, you can run multiple drafts, but we pick a team and try to accurately mock their drafts. The winner of course...
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    3RD And Out w/Peter Kiper

    Third and Out with Peter Kiper So I was sitting at the bar, wondering why all the lights were turned out and no one was pouring me a whiskey, scotch, or the very least a sambucca. Next thing you know I was surrounded by the boys in blue asking me to leave and self-quarantine. So I've been...
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    Hey all, sometimes it is hard to miss threads, but this should get your attention. Please let all other GMs know that we have managed to move up the draft for Sunday March 22 at apporixmately 11:00 AM. The Los Angeles Charges currently have the first pick and will have until Sunday March 22 at...
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    Start the draft early? Take the Poll

    Please, answer and tell Mach you just want to draft.