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  1. dgfred

    Oakland 2077

    Sign to demands: SP- Dewey Oxberger 2,640,000 x 2 years RF- Xavier Garza 5,200,000 x 4 years 3B- Jesus Biscuit 3,790,000 x 3 years CF- Steven Avery 1,880,000 x 2 years Please offer SP- Erik Lehnsherr 9,000,000 x 1 year Thanks amigo!
  2. dgfred

    Oakland 2076 Extensions

    Please check demands for: MR- Wally W. MR- Vanessa Russell 1B- William O'Neil Thank you sir!
  3. dgfred

    OAK - ARZ

    Athletics get: QB/1B- Ryan Tannehill 563,500 D-Backs get: SP- Jack Little 4,350,000 2B- Derek Gaston MLC SS- Max Oquendo MLC Thanks to the Diamondbacks for the deal. ***
  4. dgfred

    2020 COWBOYS

    DALLAS COWBOYS T = trade * = FA sign D= Draft QB- Dak Prescott/ RYAN FINLEY(T)/ STEVEN MONTEZ(D) RB- Ezekiel Elliott/ LAMAR MILLER(*)/ GIOVANI BERNARD(T) FB- Jamize Olawale WR- TY HILTON(T)/ Michael Gallup/ ZAY JONES(T)/ MARQUIS LEE(*)/ Noah Brown TE- JASON WITTEN(*)/ COLE KMET(D)/ DREW...
  5. dgfred

    Panthers pick 4.109

    Pick 4.109 is available for trade... could use some LB, Safety help or a solid player at just about any position.
  6. dgfred

    Carolina Panthers 2019

    GM-dgfred HC-Ron Rivera OC-Norv Turner DC-Eric Washington *NAME/ CAP#/ CUT DEAD/ CAP IF TRADED QB -Cam Newton / 23,200,000 / 8,500,000 / 16,200,000 -DANIEL JONES *1st Rd pick -Kyle Allen / 495,000 / 0 / 495,000 RB -Christian McCaffrey / 4,702,174 / 10,188,044 / 2,032,392 -C.J. PROSISE /...
  7. dgfred

    Jaguars Trade Block

    Waited a bit but these guys (only trading 1 or 2... maybe 3) are officially on the market. Please disreguard any previous messages saying they were not. CB- A.J. Bouye DT- Calais Cambell DT- Malik Jackson SS- Barry Church FS- Tashaun Gibson DT- Marcell Dareus I will also likely have to throw...
  8. dgfred

    2018 Jacksonville Jaguars

    JAGUARS GM- dgfred HC- Doug Marrone OC- Nathaniel Hackett DC- Todd Walsh ST- Joe DeCamillis Player *** CAP # *** Cut Dead *** Trade Dead QB- Blake Bortles----19,053,000 *** 0 *** 0 QB- KYLE LAULETTA-- 1,358,571 (pick 2.34) RB- Leonard Fournette---6,170,655 *** 22,214,358...
  9. dgfred

    Fhins Trade Block

    I dislike T.Brady. I am looking to move him for a good deal. I am in need of a good RB and a decent backup QB if I do trade Brady. It could also include future draft picks. ;) Let me know. Greg/FHINS
  10. dgfred

    RB- Lamar Miller Forum Auction

    With the pick of McCaffery... the Texans are considering moving L.Miller tho we like the 2-headed back-field monster too. I am looking for maybe a pick in the low 30s and another 2nd possibly. Maybe some other options are available too. Discussion/Offers here. :woot:
  11. dgfred

    Decent back-up Tom Savage

    QB- Tom Savage is available for a 7th... or something.
  12. dgfred

    2017 Houston Texans

    GM- dgfred HC- Bill O'Brien OC- Eliah DRINKWITZ (FA) DC- Romeo Crennel Player Pos.--Prorated--Cap #--Cut Dead Money--Trade Dead Money--Cap # if Traded--Dead Money if Cut after Traded--June 1st Dead Money O Jimmy GAROPPOLO=QB--895,077 (acquired in trade) Brock...
  13. dgfred

    Raiders in Vegas?

    Could it happen? Just win 'the bet' baby. :D