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  1. dgfred

    MSL GMs and Open Teams

    Here for A's and Phils- :hehehe:
  2. dgfred

    2020 NFL Season, Week 6: Fitzmagic moves within a game of the division

    Oh no... WHY now?:fpthefuck::cmonson:
  3. dgfred

    2020 NFL Season, Week 6: Fitzmagic moves within a game of the division

    Funny when Kurt Warner said he didn't have runs for the QB like KM in his teams playbook... not even in Little League football. Haha
  4. dgfred

    2020 NFL Season, Week 6: Fitzmagic moves within a game of the division

    I think he got a little hurt when his guts about got knocked out on the scoring run try. I can testify that hurt like a MFer.
  5. dgfred

    MSL GMs and Open Teams

    Give me the Phils for my second... send me back to the T.McGraw, S.Carlton, L.Bowa, G.Luzinski, G.Maddox, M.Schmidt, etc days.
  6. dgfred

    What Are You Listening To?

    Someone that I used to know. The music reminds me of my youth for some reason (is it xylophone sound?); the guy intrigues me (?); the gal stimulates my innards. Please await video link from Mach. Thank you sir in advance. :adams:
  7. dgfred

    2020 NFL Season, Week 5: Starting QB Kyle Allen, Head Coach Romeo Crennel, The NFL's On Fire since COVIDs been turning

    Dang... I loved that. Forgot about Norman for the 'hate his guts' thread.
  8. dgfred

    MLB Thread

    Bye Zack.
  9. dgfred

    Oakland 2077

    Goodness... that would have been a predicament.
  10. dgfred

    Oakland 2077

    Try my offer first... don't want a 40 yr old too much. If he doesn't take it go with what he wants.
  11. dgfred

    Oakland 2077

    Offer SP- Erik Lehnsherr 8,950,000 x 3 years
  12. dgfred

    The airing of grievances

    Even though my life before was tragic. It's a big enough umbrella but it's always me that ends up getting wet. :chappellheadnod:
  13. dgfred

    Random Thoughts

    :dealwithitcat: Need a couple of these guys. I have an 14 yr old outside 'Momma' cat that has killed 3 in September... and left another with claw/bite marks that I saved. That was the first time she ever assaulted 2 at one time. She leaves the head and part of the tail on my front porch right by...
  14. dgfred

    MIA / OAK

    Oakland accepts. Thanks to Miami for dealing.
  15. dgfred

    2077 sim 7: Rosters due Saturday 9/19/20 at 11:00 pm ET *READ THIS THREAD*

    Oakland exported... happy dance
  16. dgfred

    Oakland 2077

    Yes... he loves us. Magneto does too but for too long for my taste. But maybe.
  17. dgfred

    In which we help Mach choose a place to live

    Mountains/foothills of NC would be perfect for you. Or do you need mostly warm weather for those busted joints/bones?