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  1. Victvm

    Draft Breakdown fucks us

    Link to the article. They are no longer an ad supported site. Paid membership only. Fuck that.
  2. Victvm

    Grade your draft! - post-preseason

    So I decided to do a 53-man roster update grade for my draft. Just trying to judge how I did with what has happened so far. I will probably look again after seasons end. 2.35 - Jonathan Bullard, DE Florida Drafted #72 overall. Rotational DE with Chicago. While not listed as a starter at LE in...
  3. Victvm

    Players that slid: Daniel Braverman

    I tend to read walterfootball fairly frequently. They have a series done after the draft titled "Why the Slide?" A link is included below. Charlie Campbell, one of the two main authors of the site along with Walter Cherapinski, asked for fans to send in their requests for specific players. I got...
  4. Victvm

    Would like to grab a 7th.

    Basically chaff for chaff. Either of the following. Maybe both if it happens soon enough. Just looking for 1 7th round pick. RB Roy Helu WR Andre Debose
  5. Victvm


    Pick 61 combined with 5.144 is for sale if you can keep me below 70 and throw in a high 4th.
  6. Victvm

    Wanted to Buy - 3rd or 4th round pick.

    I have 4 5th's and am willing to trade all but 1. Which one is negotiable. 128, 135, 141, 144 The higher the pick the more and better 5ths I can offer. Going to be gone most of the day. Thanks for the patience guys.
  7. Victvm


    #39 is on the block. I am looking to pick up a 4th. If I am only dropping a place or two I would give a 5th back. Depends on the exact picks involved of course. Going to get dinner and watch some TV. Will check back in before the clock is up later tonight on 39.
  8. Victvm


    2.36 is open for business. Would like to move down a touch but I need to stay out of the 43-47 range. Real life time constraint. Make me an offer.
  9. Victvm


    Thanks to a schedule conflict I would really like to trade out of 2.44. Up or down. I'm not going to pay a King's Ransom to go up and will not be asking for that to move down a bit. I would like to stay between 53 and 63 (Tuesday's draft slots). PM when ever, going to be in and out all day probably.
  10. Victvm

    2016 Oakland Raiders Trading Block

    Actively looking to move: CB Keith McGill - 4th round pick 2 years ago. The size and speed you want for a Cover 3 corner. Also played S in college. Started the final game of his rookie season and played well. New coaching staff either has him in the doghouse or the nagging injuries he had last...
  11. Victvm

    Oakland Raiders Team Page

    GM: Victvm HC: Jack Del Rio OC: Bill Musgrave DC: Ken Norton Jr. Anyone want to get into a fight with my coaching staff? 53 Players under contract Name - Cap# -- Cut Dead $ -- Traded Dead $ -- Cap # if Traded Offense QB Derek Carr -- $1,465,037 -- $1,113,382 -- $1,113,382 -- $908,346...